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DooPHP 1.4.1 performance benchmark2011-02-24 20:08:05

DooPHP 1.4.1 performance benchmark

The PHP framework benchmark page is updated. If you're interested, get the source and benchmark on your own at

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DooPHP 1.4.1 is released2011-02-23 12:58:25

DooPHP 1.4.1 is released

DooPHP 1.4.1 is released with improved DooMailer, fixes for reroute, added autoroute_force_dash option in routing. Download the new release of 1.4.1 and read more about the changes in the change log.

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Slides for PHP Malaysia Meetup 2011 2011-02-22 15:30:13

Slides for PHP Malaysia Meetup 2011

For those who are looking for the presentation slides for DooPHP used in PHP Malaysia Meetup 2011. You can also click on the link to download the PDF or android apk

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Logging Tools in DooPHP2009-12-05 11:23:37

Logging Tools in DooPHP

Since the initial version of DooPHP, there's some handy tools for developers to do logging and profiling their applications though not many know much about this feature. Here's a new tutorial to help you get started with DooLog and the Flex based log viewer tool. Hopefully it will help you in monitoring your application logs.

Read more this tutorial at the Learning blog.

DooPHP diagnostic view

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DooPHP Diagnostic View2009-10-11 06:22:49

DooPHP Diagnostic View

DooPHP Diagnostic is added in the latest trunk. It served as a debug view when developing your application with DooPHP. The app folder is updated in the Google Code SVN to include the diagnostic view if any errors/exception are thrown.

This would be helpful for debugging your application during development stage.

Simply remove line 18 in index.php if you wish to view errors in the normal PHP way.

DooPHP diagnostic view

DooPHP diagnostic view

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